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National Wage and Hour Clearinghouse

Welcome to NELP's National Wage and Hour Clearinghouse

Welcome to NELP's National Wage and Hour Clearinghouse!

We are a members-only, web-based resource center that offers invaluable information and materials to lawyers and advocates who are fighting wage theft and the erosion of minimum wage and overtime protections for workers.

  • extensive state and federal litigation materials;
  • guidance on public-agency wage enforcement practices;
  • model legislation;
  • wage-justice campaign materials;
  • industry-based research and data;
  • practice guides, a members-only listserv, and more.

Membership is limited to plaintiff-side attorneys and worker advocates only. There is no fee for members from legal-services providers, worker centers, and other non-profit groups. An annual membership fee of $100 applies to private attorneys, union employees, and academics. For first time users, we offer a FREE three-month trial membership.


Keep abreast of the latest wage-and-hour news, trends, and developments. Connect with our network of experienced lawyers and worker advocates who are combating wage theft through private litigation, policy advocacy, and organizing.

Around 700 Clearinghouse members actively use our listserv to seek litigation advice, share research and pleadings, and to share strategies for wage-justice campaigns. Join us today!

Support the Clearinghouse

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